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This site will post some thoughts, trying to create dialogue - and hoping to help us bridge the widening division in the US.

Primarily, this blog will reason from simple concepts and values we all share (firstprince: first principles, get it?) to come to conclusions on which we should all be able to agree. Yes, I realize we will all never agree on anything. I said "should" not "will." But, I will do my part, as best I can, to move the needle in the right direction. For all of us.

Because I will be focused on fundamental issues, posts will frequently seem simplistic. But simple doesn't mean wrong. The site is designed to be accessible - and to drive to a conclusion from a shared base. If I am off about something, let me know. Let's get to the right answer - whatever it is.

If the objective was to maximize followers, I'd pick one side of the political spectrum and then simply snark at the other side. Lots of people do this. And some of it is useful. But, for the most part, it just entertains one side, creates fodder for the other side and widens the divide.

Having said this, I will not be able to keep from commenting on some events of the moment. Currently, there is a lot of crap floating around unchallenged that makes things worse. I will periodically weigh in. Again, if I have something wrong, please let me know.

Can't thank you enough for reading this. Share anything you'd like; let me know not only what I am wrong about, but also what I am doing wrong. I am a blog rookie - just another Don Quixote who has taken up a keyboard, rather than a sword.

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