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The Thin Blue Line Has 2 Edges

Conservatives who winched at the sight of Canadian police trampling a woman with their horses are being called "hypocrites."

"You right-wingers were all, 'back the blue!' and now you're yelling 'police brutality' - see how you like it."

Police in North America perform a crucial service - they keep you and I safe. I have a rule: if someone is doing something for me that I do not want to (or can't) do myself, I am appreciative. Most of us would not touch a police officer's job with a 10-foot nightstick.

It is unfair when police officers are second-guessed for months for a decision they made in a harrowing fraction of a second. "Well, that's the job," you say, "because of their role, they have to be held to a higher standard!" True enough. But, please remember, they are still humans, just like you and I.

If you have the stomach for it, watch the video of the recent Phoenix, Arizona police ambush to see what officers are up against - and why they infrequently, but occasionally, make mistakes.

It is unspoken but clear that privileged elites, who have been protected from the potential violence of life by police (and the US military), have a warped view. They can't imagine volunteering for such a task, so they deduce that the people who do must be different in some fundamental way, almost like another specie. The soft elites simultaneously consider those who hold society together as beneath them, but also hold them to a ridiculously high standard they could never uphold ... and would never impose on themselves.

Yes, it is likely true those who enjoy having authority are disproportionately drawn to things like police work. And that can seep out in some circumstances. But, the vast majority of police officers, even those who enjoy the position, do it primarily to serve their communities. To keep you and I safe.

The data show that actual police brutality in the US is a very rare thing. Where it exists, it should be, and typically is, prosecuted.

Overall, they deserve to be commended and thanked for the job they do.

Police Brutality "Solutions"

The primary "solution" floated at the time of the 2021 BLM demonstrations/riots was to de-fund the police. Even before the tragic proof came in, that idea was, based on the common sense allotted to a 5-year-old, stupid. Yes, if you eliminate the police, you will eliminate police brutality. The problem is: the inevitable explosion of other brutality will make you beg - maybe on a frantic 911 call - to have the police come back.

Actually, I suspect the people who promoted the de-fund the police idea were opportunists who thought they could syphon off some government funding to their "community outreach" organizations. Those people were callously risking the lives of others (disproportionately African-Americans) to try and get more of our tax money. Black lives didn't really matter to them.

But there was another "solution" that was also starting to be hinted.

There are roughly 18,000 police departments in the US. The "sophisticated" elites presume that somewhere in redneck flyover country there must be some of those departments that are systemically racist (that is, at even a higher level than our entirely systemically racist nation). That statistic - that there are 18,000 different police departments - is being thrown around a lot.

I haven't actually heard it yet, but I may just have missed it. Regardless, I will guarantee that some geniuses will start recommending we nationalize the police force.

Right now, I am sure there are some police departments that are better than others. But, one of the good things about a small force in a small jurisdiction is it doesn't take many people (sometimes only one) to effect change. You and your friends can go to the mayor or the city council and give feedback. If needed, you can go to the courts or the FBI.

Worst case scenario, you can move to - or at least party in - a neighboring town where the police are less obnoxious.

But there will be no recourse when there is only one national police force. You will be completely at their mercy. Good luck even going to the courts if you have been wronged.

Those who are genuinely concerned about police brutality should not be in favor of a national police force - or, for that matter, the expansion of government in general.

Which brings us back to Canada.

Ottawa police and the RCMP were (and still are) following the directions of a snot-nosed, cowardly wanna-be dictator who had them carry out his temper tantrum. Some of them likely did so reluctantly. Some of them probably did it without much reflection. Some appeared to relish and embrace the power trip.

Again, bad individual police officers are a problem, but one that can be solved. Every conservative I have heard or read on the topic highlights that, and makes it clear bad behavior should be searched out and disciplined.

But, what is really a problem is a police force directed to do bad things to the citizenry by the authorities. Once we get to that point, it will be as George Orwell described it:

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on the human face, forever."

[... or maybe a hoof. btw - I understand the woman trampled by the horse is moving to Florida - there's probably a lesson in there somewhere, eh?]

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