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Leveling the Playing Field

How many advantages do Leftists need?

Through the teachers' unions and their near-monopolies in higher education, they have custody of all of our minds for the formative years of our lives. Their control of the news and entertainment media is almost as complete.

And even when the Democrats don't control Congress and the White House, Leftists always control the bureaucracy.

It is a testament to the innate common sense of the American people (and the ridiculousness of the Leftists) that conservatives ever win.

A couple more areas Leftists enjoy an unfair and unreasonable advantage:

"You Sly Dog! You Caught Me Monologuing!"

First, the issue de jour: Twitter. For a few reasons, social media has always had a leftward bias. But, since just before the last election, social media abruptly decided they can outright censor conservatives with impunity. No one should be ok with that.

Enter Elon Musk to try and buy Twitter. The left has completely lost its collective mind over the possibility.

But, what if Musk did succeed. The only thing that might happen is the censorship of conservative views might stop. That's it. It's not like Twitter would start censoring leftists. All that would happen is a little more conservative viewpoint would be permitted, on this one social media platform. The playing field would be marginally closer to being fair.

"It's not ok for a random billionaire to own an important source of information!" says the hysterical Leftist, forgetting that Mark Zuckerberg still controls Facebook and that Jeff Bezos flat-out bought the Washington Post, for example. Again, at best, Musk would simply eliminate the existing bias, not impose a new one.

Undermining the Constitution in the Name of the Constitution

The Supreme Court is a similar situation. The left-dominated media keep telling us the current composition of the Supreme Court is "conservative." But, what they really mean by "conservative" is "not biased enough toward leftism."

Recall the role of the Supreme Court. Its most important job is to review legislation already passed by a duly-elected legislature and signed by a duly-elected executive (in the case of federal legislation, Congress and the President). Through their elected representatives, the people have already decided they want the legislation. The Court's role is important, but it is narrow. They simply make sure the new law is not unconstitutional. That means making sure the new law doesn't violate our as-amended Constitution, based on it's understood meaning when ratified. That's it.

Good justices stick to that role and are called "strict constructionists" by people who understand the issue but are labeled "conservative" by the media.

On the other hand, Leftist justices take the judicial review opportunity to ignore the actual meaning of the Constitution and impose their personal views on society. When in power, they simply act as an unelected oligarchy, ruling over us without our input or consent.

Strict constructionist justices are umpires who strive to call the balls and strikes correctly. Leftist justices call the balls and strikes for the team they want to win. And there is no recourse when they do. You can yell all you want. Like the arrogant umpire, they are accountable to no one and can just turn away and ignore you.

Good justices - like impartial, clear-eyed umpires - are crucial. But, much of our country doesn't honor the good justices. They honor the ones who cheat; the ones who helped the Leftists "win" unfairly (that is, by not going through the democratic process). Honoring these activist justices is like putting the home plate umpire in front of the parade when your team wins the World Series.

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