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It's Go Time

Remember The Incredibles?

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible try to shelter their kids from life's unpleasant realities, but eventually chaos breaks through and sheltering becomes impossible. Mom says, "if anything goes wrong, use your powers!"

That's where we are today.

Because of bad decisions and evil people (unknowingly aided by good-hearted, clueless people) we are in chaos. As of now, there is no more sheltering. It's on. We did not start this battle, nor do we want it. But here it is.

As with any war, some things that were important in peacetime have to be put on the back burner. We simply don't have time to quibble over them now. And those of us who are trying to hold things together have frankly lost our patience over those things at the moment.

Those esoteric social debates are luxuries for cohesive, stable, prosperous nations. Again, thanks to morons, that's not what we are right now. Hopefully, if we act quickly enough, we can get back there soon.

Here are the things we have to address immediately. Quit your objections and rationalizations and whining; unfortunately, we don't have time for that now:

  1. our economy,

  2. crime,

  3. protections against censorship and a police state,

  4. our borders, and

  5. addressing Russia and China

These are not esoteric, long-term concerns. Each one is an immediate, drop-everything-else level emergency. It is staggering we are dealing with five at once.

Imagine, instead of your "quiet quitting" or "act your wage" crap, your job quit you. And you couldn't get another one. And mom and dad could no longer afford to help you out. Our economy is already in a recession which is about to impact jobs; it is teetering toward much worse.

Imagine going to a drug store when it's suddenly overrun by a mob and some of them decide to hit you in the head repeatedly with steel canes they found in the medical supplies aisle, just because it seems fun. Random violent crime is headed in your direction.

Imagine the IRS arresting your parents and ruining their lives (and their ability to support you) because they didn't like one of their tax deductions - and their political views. We've destroyed limits on government and their proxies, and they are starting to flex that muscle against citizens.

Imagine drug cartels deciding where you can go in your city and what you can do. It is naive (and supremacist) to think we can't become like Mexico if we don't protect our borders.

Imagine tonight, while you are sleeping, Putin gets frustrated and sets off a nuclear bomb, starting a world war. Our government is not addressing the risk Russia and China pose.

The good news is four of these things are very reversible and we can significantly reduce the risk of the fifth. We just have to have people in place who genuinely want to address them.

That means you need to vote out the current incumbent Democrats who have allowed things to get to this point (it is not some weird coincidence these problems have exploded since the Democrats have taken power). I said, "YOU." It is not a joke. This is not about what color you want to dye your hair or which flavor Hot Pocket to eat while playing another video game or what kind of furry you want to be for Halloween. This is serious. It is time to adult.

We don't have time to argue this. If you think the incumbent government is not the problem, you are wrong. Again, if you think I am wrong about that, you are wrong. One more time for emphasis: if you do not think the current government should be voted out of office (Congress this cycle, the President the next one), you are simply, objectively, completely wrong.

If we don't fix it now - starting this November - it will become much harder and may quickly become impossible.

We are not saying this simply so "our side can win." We are saying it because our future - likely our very-near future - is surging to a nightmare you don't even grasp, much less have the ability to cope with.

Please, listen to Mrs. Incredible. Something has gone wrong, and it is definitely time to use your power. The good news is you do have a superpower, at least for now. And that superpower is easy to use. It is the power to vote. You need to exercise it - for good, not evil - this fall.

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