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Is Liz Short For Lizard?

Apparently, the MSNBC audition didn't go well.

All of a sudden, Liz Cheney is frantically trying to win her August 16th Wyoming state Republican primary. A couple weeks ago, she seemed resigned to losing; time again for Dad to get her another internship - this time at a media company or woke corporation or NGO.

She seemed ready to take her star turn as a martyr for ... "Principle!"

On "Principle!" she abdicated her responsibility to provide some balance on the J6 Committee, instead ganging up on Trump and everyone who supported him - actually leading the show trial, just to make herself a pseudo-celebrity.*

On "Principle!" she pulled Dad off the couch and made him say ridiculous things on a campaign ad, looking like Emperor Palpatine visiting a dude ranch.

On "Principle!" she is actively encouraging people in Wyoming to lie about their party affiliation to vote for her in the Republican primary.

On "Principle!" she is throwing "members of [her] party" under the bus for simply voicing concern about the federal bureaucracy potentially being weaponized against political adversaries, a la North Korea or Russia.

On "Principle!" she had a Democratic colleague, from Minnesota, text people in Wyoming to encourage them to try and sabotage the Republican primary.

The career professionals in Washington abbreviate a lot of things. Maybe when they reference someone being "principled" it is really shorthand for "having sold out your principles to prosper amongst the other DC swamp creatures." As in:

"Man, KJP sure did principle yesterday! Those were some of her biggest lies yet! But anything for a buck, right?"

* she is entitled to second-guess what Trump did after the election, but she is in a unique position to provide fairness and credibility to the hearings (and to lessen division in the country). Instead, she has taken vindictive glee in leading the witch hunt and denigrating innocent people who are fearful their country has been stolen from underneath them. Her actions - turning the hearings into a completely (and obviously) one-sided propaganda-fest - exacerbate that fear.

FTR, Cheney is not a lizard. She is mostly just the sad product of someone growing up in the federal government. She thinks the federal government IS America. Someone like Trump coming in from the outside and stirring things up feels like an assault, instead of a correction (so, for her J6 was not an aberration, it was a culmination). If she would actually spend some time in Wyoming maybe she would quit seeing things through her flawed Potomac Prism and realize the government belongs to the people, not the other way around.

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