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Escape from New York

New Yorkers have a lot of pride.

So do San Franciscans. And Chicagoans. And Los Angelenos. And Detroiters.

But, they are also smart. And those who can, are deciding to leave. There is a point where it becomes unacceptable to keep enduring the ... well, unacceptable.

Finally, you just get tired of the high taxes and the high cost of living and the crime and the filth and the decay. You now realize, in spite of all the times you said "I could never live anywhere else," that you can.

You will miss the energy and the cosmopolitan amenities. But, the general quality of life is simply better elsewhere. And you can always come back and visit.

So, you - finally - leave.

Good for you. Welcome to a better life.

But, the rest of us have one request. And it is important.

We can deal with whatever arrogance and condescension and aggressiveness you bring. It'll actually spice things up a bit. Bring it on.

But, please, please, for your sake and ours (and even for the sake of the nation and the world), leave your big city politics at home. Do not screw up the red states with your votes.

Please remember what you are leaving. Yes, there are certain challenges to dense urban environments. But, the fundamental reason US cities have gotten so bad - and they are really bad - is their culture and their politics. And those things are intertwined and feed each other. People who currently call themselves "progressive" have been running the government and the schools in these places for a very long time. And their theories (and corruption) have done horrible damage to their cities and the people who live there.

It is not more sophisticated and cosmopolitan and enlightened to hold "progressive" views on everything. When you get here, we can discuss that. As mentioned, you're smart; you will catch on, if you just do the following: open your mind and challenge your assumptions. A few random examples:

  1. Is bigger government or another program really the answer (... to anything)?

  2. Should children at failing schools be able to choose another school?

  3. Should criminality be excused and criminals coddled?

  4. Does more regulation make things more affordable?

It's fine to keep your New York Times online subscription (you'll need to keep up with the Yankees, for one thing). Just allow yourself to read something else, too. And listen to something besides just NPR. And watch something besides just MSNBC.

As I am writing this on April 12, 2022, we are seeing the images of the subway attack in Brooklyn. At this point, we don't know many details, or root causes. But, we do know that violence in New York and other major metro areas is increasing rapidly. As are the homeless. As are taxes. As are costs. As are "graduates" that have no skills. The one thing that is not increasing is the quality of life.

No one blames you for voting with your feet and leaving. But, once you get here, don't vote the way you did back there. It won't help anyone.

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