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DC - The Land of Misfits

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

What drives Western Progressivism and specifically the US Democratic party is the notion that there are brilliant, well-educated people that know how to "run things." According to the Left, we should all listen to those elites and, ultimately, should give them all the power they need to make everything wonderful for all of us.

First of all, if you know anything about human nature, you realize that is a dumb idea. People make mistakes - and the more deluded they are about their infallibility, the more likely they are to make mistakes. And the mistakes are more likely to be very big and very bad.

Worse, the more power you give someone, the more likely they are to abuse it. The political weaponization of the IRS, the FBI and the DOJ represents just one bone-chilling example (Principle #2 - People Are Flawed).

Secondly, in the last couple of years, we have clearly seen what happens when we cede control to them. Even those of us who could see the problems coming have been taken aback by how bad things have gotten in such a short amount of time. But we are still sliding down that slippery slope. There are examples throughout history of how "progressive" totalitarianism ends. Spoiler alert: never well.

Send in the Clowns - Oh, Wait, They're Already Here

Putting the faultiness of the premise aside: If we are going to buy into the (ridiculous) idea that there are brilliant leaders who can run the world seamlessly, how did we land on the current group of bozos? Are you honestly telling me Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and John Fetterman are "elite"?

It is nice to give opportunities to the elderly and to women and to African Americans and to the mentally disabled.* That really is wonderful.

But we are talking about the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States and (potentially) a United States Senator.

"Yeah, the President is senile, but there is still a Vice President."

"Oops. Well, yeah, she is a total airhead, but there is still the Legislative Branch to keep them in check."

"Ummm ... have you heard the guy from Pennsylvania they are pushing to be a senator?"

Maybe you let a blind person steer a well-padded bumper car, but you don't let them fly a jumbo jet full of innocent passengers.

It is one of many Leftist disconnects that they want to centralize all power in the federal government, claiming there are gifted, educated people who can run our lives better than we can, but they simultaneously look at those positions as a jobs program for the disadvantaged.


  1. Don't send dim-bulbs to Washington

  2. Don't send arrogant and/or evil people to Washington

  3. Don't send all your rights and responsibilities to Washington, no matter how brilliant and principled you think the politicians are. We were wisely given limited government (and separation of powers) for a reason.

*FTR, Fetterman was a dim-bulb before the stroke (but, if we take the role of the Senate seriously at all, he is not up to the job, obviously). Equally obviously, there is no reason whatsoever that an older person or a woman or an African American or a huge bald dude can't be brilliant and incredibly capable. This specific group just isn't.

Joe Biden pandered for votes and popularity by stipulating beforehand that he would pick a black woman for both of his most important nominations (VP and SCOTUS). Can an African American woman be a great Vice President or Supreme Court Justice? Of course. But it is irresponsible to limit your pool of choices for two of the most important positions in the United States to roughly 7% of the population. One result is we have a decrepit President who could at any time (if not already) require the application of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, but we all know the VP is incapable of filling the role. "That was Joe's plan; Kamala is his insurance no one will ever oust him, chortle, chortle." Funny - except what if he goes from being Biden-level senile to Fetterman-level demented (or something even more veggie-like) just prior to a nuclear crisis with Russia or a Chinese invasion of Tiawan?

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