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He's Baaack!

Did you miss me?

Answer: "No. No one did. Because no one knew you left. In fact, no one knew you existed before you left."

I know. This post is just a bridge in the blog in case anyone ever does actually read it, explaining the gap in time.

You can skip this post - it won't be interesting.

After the 2022 mid-term elections, I simply took a break and spent some time debating with myself whether the blog was worth my time at all.

Eventually, I came to the same conclusion I had when I started:

It is a million to one this blog will have any impact of any kind. But that 1,000,000:1 chance is well worth the effort. The stakes are just that high.

And the consolation prize assuming the 1,000,000 wins and my poor little 1 loses is: maybe one or two people close to me will at least understand why I believe what I do. And maybe realize it is not from malice or ignorance or because I am a child of an irredeemable pre-woke generation.

For a few years now, it has been clear we are on a bridge to nowhere. What may have looked like simply a bad cycle has revealed itself to be a megatrend in the wrong direction. The fabric of Western Civilization is being ripped to shreds.

There is some limited time to fix this. When I started this blog, I assumed the time frame was basically the next two US election cycles (2022 and 2024). Since that time, my belief in that premise has only strengthened.

The verdict of the 2022 midterms was a somewhat disappointing hung jury.

The retrial is scheduled for November 2024. If we are found guilty, as many prospective jurors (voters) currently believe we are, the sentence will be death - death of our culture, death of our economy and death of our system of government.

Once that verdict is in, the only option will be a desperate appeal for a groundswell of populist culture (actually counterculture), in the hopes that enough people see the miscarriage of justice to overturn the verdict before it is too late.

The 2022 election triggered the blog hiatus. Like anyone who believes they will likely be condemned to death, there is a voice that echos 1 Corinthians 15:32 - that temptation to quit spending your remaining time fighting the inevitable.

But this isn't about just me - or you. It's about our children (even the ones whose votes are causing the problem they don't see).

So ...

One more try ... to tickle that one little butterfly to start the butterfly effect to help trigger that one reaction that somehow overcomes the 1,000,000:1 odds.

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