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Crying Contagion

April Showers

Contagion, conspiracy or coincidence?

Suddenly, we have a spate of women crying. Not the women one might "expect" (if one was still harboring such stereotypes in the Age of Woke). These are prominent, powerful women at the top of their game.

In fact, the three women whose tears have been viral this month are extremely powerful people.

Waah, Waah, WaPo

The first was Taylor Lorenz (though keep in mind her sobbing video was released on April Fool's Day). Lorenz is a "journalist" for Jeff Bezo's Washington Post. In a weird interview, she cried about how "you feel like any little piece of information that gets out on you will be used by the worst people on the internet to destroy your life" and detailed her "severe PTSD" from being doxxed and having pictures of her loved ones posted.

Here's the problem: that's exactly what she does to other people. As far as I can tell, she is not a real journalist. She is an overgrown adolescent narcissist who smugly plays Mean Girl on social media. And somehow gets paid for it.

Right after her tearful interview was released, she published extensive personal information on a private person who runs an anonymous social media account. This account, Libs of TikTok, simply reposts the public posts of others, typically not even adding commentary. Lorenz endangered this person, outing her name and even making her address easily accessible. Lorenz personally went to this person's relatives' homes to harass them.

Taylor Lorenz didn't coin the terms "dox" or "troll," but the definition of each should include her picture. When she talks about "the worst people on the internet," she is talking about her favorite subject - herself.

Liar, Liar, Hair on Fire

We don't know who actually runs the country* - other than it is painfully evident it is not Joe Biden. But, we do know who speaks for the country: Jen Psaki. If Joe says something and Jen contradicts it (which she frequently has to), what Jen says goes.

On roughly a daily basis, Psaki obfuscates and lies. Her BS is delivered with annoying hand gestures, a straight face and arrogant condescension. For awhile, I gullibly thought her decision to (eventually) leave and go to MSNBC was her conscience forcing her to escape being a tool of deceit, but we now realize her conscience doesn't work like yours or mine.

So, earlier this month, Psaki was brought to tears (perhaps of the semiaquatic reptile variety) over the Florida Parental Rights in Education bill. She is very concerned about the massive number of Florida first graders who have unequivocally, irrevocably and unilaterally (without any prompting from others) concluded and asserted they are non-gender-normative. She is gravely concerned they might have to wait until third grade to receive overt coaching from the government schools, and that delay may (somehow) result in bullying that would otherwise not have occurred.

But, she recovered from her wailing and gnashing of teeth in time to issue - from the White House - a very ominous and not-so-thinly-veiled threat to Elon Musk regarding his purchase of Twitter.

Who's the real bully?

It's Easier to Spell Gadde than Goebbels

Lastly, there is Twitter's head censor, Vijaya Gadde. Yeah, until this week I had never heard of her, either. But you don't have to rely completely on the Butterfly Effect theory to conclude she may be the most impactful person we've never heard of.

Indulge me for a second. Before the 2020 election, she was key to censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story (among other things). There is some reasonable research that implies that, had that story been more circulated, it might have been enough to swing what was a close election. Had Joe Biden not been elected, it is also reasonable to conclude lots of things would be different - for example: Afghanistan, crime, our borders, inflation, energy independence and parental rights in education.

(btw, speaking of crying - think about how many women in Afghanistan are crying right now, as you read this ... or single moms in the US who are staring at the first of the month and can't make ends meet because of inflation)

Let's chase the Gadde rabbit further down the hole - According to Ukraine's president Zelensky, Russia would likely not have invaded his country, but for decisions Biden made that Trump would not have. Besides the crying of Ukraine women for all the reasons we see nightly, there is still the possibility a frustrated Putin could escalate the invasion into WW3.

So, as the catalyst for the end of the world, I hereby crown Vijaya Gadde The Most Important Person Who Ever Lived.**

And, yet, The Most Important Person Who Ever Lived was reportedly reduced to tears, simply because Elon Musk bought the company she works for (honestly, I might cry if I was about to lose a $17 million a year job, but I'm not The Most Important Person Who Ever Lived).

Why Cry?

Here's the point: the preferred leftist approach is to have power and use it to force the rest of us to do what they want. Male or female, they are thrilled to have their foot on your throat.

But, at this moment, they are sensing the possibility of losing some of that power. Like Scar in the Lion King, when they lose the upper hand, they will deviously use our kindness, empathy and eagerness-to-forgive against us.

It is cynical, hypocritical, pathetic and infuriating that the worst abusers of power are now trying to play the "damsel in distress" card to elicit our sympathy and acquiescence.

I think some of them realize they can't really win a fair debate. And I can't help but wonder if some scumbag strategist has explicitly decided the way to move some portion of public opinion is to appeal to our innate emotional response to side with a crying female.

I kinda wish this was one time we could dust off the old Dad expression:

"Stop it, or I'll give you something to really cry about"

*actually, it is dumb and insulting to all 330 million of us to say the President "runs the country." Even though some them have been trying to do that at least since Woodrow Wilson, they don't. Their actual job is to manage the federal government. The President works for us. WE run our own lives and, in turn, the country.

**I feel like you have to stipulate sarcasm nowadays - "The Most Important Person Who Ever Lived" is sarcasm. And, no, I am not implying that Gadde is morally equivalent to Goebbels - we will discuss referencing the unparalleled evil of Nazism in future blogs. And, no, I am not advocating anyone receive anything like Dad's corporal punishment. However, all of the people mentioned clearly should lose their jobs (though for slightly different reasons in each case). And they can feel free to cry about that.

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