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Clean-up On Aisle Earth!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Martin Luther Re-Mix

You young college-educated Leftists are unhappy about the world you are inheriting. You have grievances. Among other things, you don't like:

  1. injustice

  2. inequality

  3. inequity

  4. insecurity

  5. insults

  6. oppression

  7. poverty

  8. pollution

  9. war

  10. bullies

  11. discrimination

  12. disrespect

  13. discomfort

  14. disease

  15. hard work

  16. failure

  17. rules

  18. responsibility

  19. duty

  20. limits

  21. consequences

I realize you are trying to make everything smoother and softer and less harsh. I realize that you, like Rodney King, just want all of us to get along. You want everyone to feel good about themselves and have everything they need and want.

Good for you. But, understand we have had essentially the same list for centuries. Please get over your unspoken assumption that previous generations were meaner than you are. Or less virtuous. Or less intelligent. Or less enlightened.

Utopia? Crap, Why Didn't We Think of That!?

When I was younger, an older professor once explained that every generation thinks they invented sex. Obviously, you didn't. Neither did you invent a desire for the world to be better.

It is simply not possible to fix all of those things, partly because of physical reality, partly because of human nature. In the real world, some of these things can even represent necessary trade-offs.

These problems won't evaporate no matter how much wokeness you apply. Expertise won't do it, either - even if the experts have master degrees or doctorates or government grants or book deals or call themselves "scientists" or even if they have over 1,000 social media followers!

Neither will government legislation or government bureaucrats or Davos elites.

There is no app.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to make things better. There are things we can do, and we have a duty to do them. That is the highest calling of being human; much higher, and more fulfilling, than the hedonism many of you actually spend most of your energy on.

Here's the thing, though - most of what you are doing to address your grievances is actually eroding the societal infrastructure that resulted in remarkable improvement. That infrastructure was built on thousands of years of harsh experience, past down for generations.

In fact, so much progress was made that most Americans became disconnected from the realities of life. That disconnect is perhaps most prevalent in educators, for whom the expression "ivory tower" was coined. In their pampered boredom, those educators invented all kinds of unproven (in many cases, ridiculous) theories, and, in turn, indoctrinated you with them. Ironically, the more time you spend listening to their baloney, the higher degree you earn and the more ignorant (and arrogant) you become.

Later, we'll demonstrate why, but for now, let's hit the bottom line: Implementing those theories, and all the other woke silliness you've invented, will make most, if not all, of those listed problems worse.

... And the next generation will actually have good reason to look at you in disgust as they survey the diminished inheritance you've thrown at them.

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