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Can You Name This Event?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

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A new administration was taking power, with the encouragement of most of the nation. But, there were dissenters who were paranoid about the new government; some even believed the new government had come into power illegitimately.

Just a couple of months after the election that brought the new government to power, the capital building was vandalized and seriously damaged. Needless to say, the new government was furious. A full-scale investigation was launched, high-profile public hearings were held and arrests were made.

The assault on the capital building served as a catalyst and a rallying point for the new government and its supporters. It highlighted the need to clamp down on any domestic terrorist who got in the way of the Will of The People.

Dissent of this nature had to be dealt with severely, and extensive precautions were put into place to make sure it would never happen again.

Can you guess the place and date?

No, not Washington, DC on January 6, 2021

… it was Berlin, Germany on February 27, 1933.

The Riechstag fire was leveraged by Hitler and the Nazis to make examples of those who disagreed with them, to suspend civil liberties like freedom of speech and to entrench their control of the government. It was a tremendous break for the Nazis and a seminal moment in the slide of a decent nation into tyranny and evil. God forbid anything remotely like that history to ever repeat itself.

(January 6th became a ridiculous and unfortunate event, but the US Capitol was not seriously damaged)

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