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All My Children (Whose Children??)

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

A gay kindergarten teacher became celebrity-for-the-moment when he appeared on MSNBC to "worry" about the new Florida parental rights bill, which prohibits teachers from teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity to students below third grade.

Referring to students as "my children," he explained that talking about his love life is a way for him to build community and relationships with the kids in his classroom.

There are a couple of problems with that assertion, but let's focus on "my children." We don't know for sure what this one teacher means by that, but his thoughts aren't really that important (except to the families of the 25 or so students in his class).

What is important to all of us: the educational establishment actually does look at your child as, ultimately, theirs.

This is the typical view each interested party has in today's public school:

Yes, I know. You've met your child's teacher and they are nice and would never think that way.

Wake up and smell the chalk dust. Even if your particular teacher actually is an exception, their union and their administrative bosses and the people who write the curriculum and their governmental overlords are not. They really are coming for your children. And they really do want to indoctrinate them in a worldview that sounds pretty and kind, but is very destructive - ultimately to our society, but more immediately to your child.

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